One of humanity’s realizations on modern space exploration is that the Earth is a unique planet. Not one heavenly body researched by scientists proved habitable for humans and other living organisms—cliche, but there is no Planet B.

It seems like we only have one Earth. 

And this World Nature Conservation Day, strategizing up ways to revitalize and rehabilitate our home planet is everyone’s business. 

This timely global occasion seeks to increase awareness of the protection of our natural resources. The point of this event is to demonstrate how the present and future generations can benefit from a healthy environment—thus, the need to collectively act towards a greener, healthier, and sustainably developed planet.

Coincidentally, sustainable development—the end goal of this global event—is the heart of our organization. 

At Yamog Renewable Energy Development Group, Inc., we live by this creed:

“The environment sustains life, let us protect the forests and watersheds.” 

The Yamog Way: Caring for Watersheds

To achieve the latter, partner communities implement activities under Yamog’s Watershed Protection and Management component.

This project component includes three approaches: consultation and assessment, mobilization, and the continued protection and conservation of the forest. 

Association members actively took part in the consultations.

A volunteer from Sitio Ganatan, Arakan carefully inspected a plant during the inventory of flora and fauna.

Volunteers led the Watershed Resource Assessment in Sitio Cabasagan, Don Marcelino.

Participants from Barangay Gupitan, Kapalong listened attentively to the lecture of Social Infrastructure Building Officer (SIBO) Ivan Sarangsang during the Watershed Protection and Management Training.

Results from the multi-stakeholder dialogues and onsite evaluations will be used by Yamog and the community’s established Energy User Association (EUA) in crafting sustainable next steps to protect and rehabilitate the watershed.

Communities in Action

Ever since the first activity kicked off, our partner communities have demonstrated commendable volunteerism and bayanihan. 

Electrical Engineer Mike Talaban (rightmost, standing) shared a lighthearted moment with volunteers as they took a break from all the trekking required while assessing the watershed area.

SIBO Ivan Sarangsang (rightmost) and Community Organizer Maehara Fernandez (leftmost) presented the volunteers with certificates of appreciation for their time and effort.

Men, women, young, and the young at heart assembled to diligently bag tree seedlings that will be housed in the Community Tree Nursery.

They have been our reliable partners on the ground—assisting our mapping and inventory activities and leading in the search and collection of tree seedlings. But more than that, we take great pride in the community’s newfound understanding and appreciation of the watersheds.

Rise to the Challenge

Mobilizing the community to rehabilitate the watershed that sustains renewable energy systems is Yamog’s contribution towards global environmental revitalization.

Trees are transplanted by volunteers in the hopes of revitalizing the forests.

But that’s just us. You too can take part in this World Nature Conservation Day—and even in the daily for that matter. We may only have one Earth, but there are infinite ways to save it.

All you have to do? Learn how you can make a difference and act now.


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